EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Report

Public and private sectors institutions, organizations and businesses can make investment decisions on the environment by determining the evaluation of all effects, adverse effects identified to prevent or substantially minimize harm to the environment and evaluation of alternatives.


Preparation of Reports of Port Facilities and Other Risk Analysis of Coastal Structures

Detailed environmental consultancy works will be needed for the investments at ports on subjects related to environmental concerns and Port management to be able to prevent the problems which may occur in the future and create additional cost. These services could be summarized under the topics of waste management and other environmental consultancy services.


Waste Management

In our country, bilge, sludge, slop, waste oil and dirty ballast that are all caused by ships are usually collected and purified. With the usage of suitable processes it will be possible to regain and reuse these wastes. Also, it is aimed to provide consultancy regarding the subjects of solid domestic waste at coastlines, hazardous and private waste, water and waste wqater management and air pollution.


Other Environmental Consultancy Services

EIA, Permission and Licences, Evaluation of the Environmental Situation and planning of the Environmental Management System.