Today; within the context of branding which is a term that is gaining more and more importance regarding the continuity and quality of the work both in the production sector and service sector, by keeping in mind the factor of environment; our country is entitled to create environmentally friendly cities, especially in order for our country to reach it's 2023 and 2053 objectives. Within this framework it will present strategic contribution to “Environment and Brand City”capacity building. Brand city approch not only relocate purely economic competition to central place also propose the city as the way of life for representation of civilization and culture. Within the scope of TASAM project entitled “Turkey's Strategic Vision 2023” has been carried out some works with the senior management of relevant ministries for “Tourism, Environment and Urban Development 2023” and prepared reports for Çankırı and Urfa. The “2023 Project” was overhauled as “2053 Project” and the title retained as “Tourism, Environment and Urban Development 2053”.