Water Supply, Distribution, Wastewater Collection Systems

Needs of local governments, water sewerage networks for the residents of public housing, to investigate alternatives to rainwater utilization...


Water Treatment

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Needs of local authorities, waste water treatment and irrigation water needs are met on vacation sites...


Wastewater Treatment by Natural Treatment Systems, Design and Implementation

The settlement, which was sparsely populated regions in the world of wastewater treatment plants and sewage effluents for irrigation applications, it is also useful by-product obtained from the availability of


Package Treatment Systems Design

Holiday regions where the population is less than the waste water treatment are provided as package treatment systems and turnkey projects


Pre-Treatment Plant Projects

Projects for pretreatment facilities for organized industrial zones. Organized industrial zone in the above sense, the works manager of technical agreements between industrialists and the preparation.


Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Purification of waste water of different industries, preparation of process water.


Limnological Studies

In summary, such as lakes used for drinking and determination of the pollution of water sources, and taking measures to protect.


Marine Disposal Projects

Physical waste water (if necessary for the treatment with nutrient removal) in a water environment in refining the subsequent buyer (mostly seas) to provide communications for receiving water from the deep biological treatment. Coastal municipalities in Turkey are using this system for the disposal of wastewater.


Natural Treatment

Natural treatment, a treatment performed with the natural environment is the type of plants. With the operation of the small settlements that are suitable for this treatment are offered an economical solution than the expensive purification plants.